Studio Prints RAKU China by Churchill - Expressive and Exciting!

As the revival of studio pottery continues, Raku celebrates the heritage of traditional glazing techniques. Each piece is unique as the reactive print acquires its beautiful colour through random, spontaneous effects.



The Perfect Chafing Dish Transport Cart!

The Ibis Oblong Roll Top Stainless Steel Chafing Dish is made of solid 18-10 Stainless steel. If storage space is a problem for you, the Ibis Chafing Dish is a smart choice. The Ibis chafing dishes are stackable, so they require a fraction of the normal storage space when not in use.

Thanks to its unique design, the Ibis Chafing Dish is cost effective. This model includes 2 fuel cup holders. The lid opens to 90° and 180° for serving versatility and has an auto-braking system to prevent slamming. The lid will roll back to 90° and stop. To continue to 180° simply push the lid beyond the stop. This will help keep food warm more efficiently. The water control system will decrease ...


Domino, a completely new buffet system!

DOMINO is a completely new concept in modular buffet systems. The DOMINO Double Soup Wood Induction Server Set with medium round chafer includes two soup stations, two utensil serving poles, two induction heaters, one medium round chafer & one large induction heater stand. The items can be used as a complete display or individually. All DOMINO components can share legs so you can weave together pieces to build it your way. Additional components & pieces can be purchased separately.


Item Number: 1A19465IDT

The DOMINO system connects like Legos, but is made of solid 18/10 stainless steel. Mix it, match it, change it; build it high or keep it low. It is simply the most versatile, easy to use sy...


The SMART Induction Warmer uses as little as 100 watts!

The SMART Induction Warmer is the most economical warmer on the market today. This is the 110 volt model, but it is also available in a 230 volt model (1AIW230V4). It requires 69% less energy than our closest competitor. The induction is designed for use with all our Smart and Smart W chafer bases. This warmer only requires 200 watts/ 1.82 amps per chafer. This will allow you to run up to 10 warmers on a single 20 amp circuit. Most of our competitors have a limit of two chafers per 20 amp circuit. Unit is single phase, 50/60 Hz.


When converting from canned fuel to induction the largest expense is rewiring, not purchasing of the heaters. The building has to be rewired to accommodate the pow...


Eurobib - La Plancha

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LaPlancha by Eurodib comes in 3 sizes

Cast-iron hotplate: 1/4" in thickness. Cast-iron is a tough material offering the best distribution of heat over the whole surface.