Lamber Dishwashers from Eurodib

Nothing pushes away a customer from a restaurant than being served a dirty dish. Combine that with slow service, you have cracked the code to destroy your customer base in a poof.

The above is the most likely result when someone tries to skimp on buying a quality dishwasher for their restaurant. The dishwasher was merely treated as a cheaper investment. The dishwasher was merely treated as a time saving appliance. However, Lamber dishwashers have the safety of high hygiene make them an essential equipment for a restaurant. Ultimately a cost saving dishwasher that you can rely on.

When choosing a dishwasher one has to consider the ease of use, cycle time and health standards. On top of that, th...

Cut prep time with Matfer Prep Chef

We are excited about a new product from Matfer Bourgeat Inc that will take away the tedious prep work from your kitchen. Slicing potatoes doesn't have to be a tiring workout each time! The Matfer Prep Chef base is a light weight, dish washer safe slicer to make prep work easy.

One of many cool features is that the base doesn't need to be bolted down! The base legs have suction feet to ensure safety during use. And the suction feet makes it easy to remove the base to clean when you've finished.

Even better the slicer is designed with spring loaded poles to keep you slicing without getting fatigued every time! The Prep Chef is designed with versatility to use different blade blocks and pushers. ...

The Control Freak - Breville Polyscience induction cooker

PolyScience's new The Control ºFreak™ is the world's most precise induction cooker. It has many unique features and benefits that make it incredibly powerful and versatile.

The Control °Freak™ provides temperature precision to make the most delicious cuisine with the cooking consistency needed for any kitchen.

The world's first induction cooker is now available through Eurodib. PolyScience created this induction cooker to set and hold temperatures from 86 to 482 °F for any amount of time. The Control °Freak™ has a twin fan cooling system to keep you cooking hour after hour.

This new sous vide cooker comes with a USB Drive to save temperatures through a pre-set...


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