Lamber Dishwashers from Eurodib

Nothing pushes away a customer from a restaurant than being served a dirty dish. Combine that with slow service, you have cracked the code to destroy your customer base in a poof.

The above is the most likely result when someone tries to skimp on buying a quality dishwasher for their restaurant. The dishwasher was merely treated as a cheaper investment. The dishwasher was merely treated as a time saving appliance. However, Lamber dishwashers have the safety of high hygiene make them an essential equipment for a restaurant. Ultimately a cost saving dishwasher that you can rely on.

When choosing a dishwasher one has to consider the ease of use, cycle time and health standards. On top of that, there is product price and the running costs of the dishwasher. Lamber dishwashers are, however, found to be outliers in this race. These washing systems, hey fulfill all the conditions at a very economical pricing. On top of that, Lamber brings different types of dishwashers for various sizes of restaurants enabling you to choose whichever suits your need.

Undercounter / Free Standing Dishwashers


F92EKDPS - Lamber Under Counter Dishwasher

As the name suggests, undercounter dishwashers fit incredibly well under the counters, making them an optimum choice if you lack space in your kitchen.

These are extremely affordable and would prove to be an incredible choice for your bar, coffee shop or small restaurant.

If looking for a separate and easily moveable dishwasher, freestanding dishwashers are also available.

Freestanding dishwashers can be moved with ease allowing for an adjustable kitchen unit. Moreover, they also allow counter space on the top thus giving you extra space for your cleaning needs.

These Lamber dishwashers come with an interactive graphics panel. You can monitor the dishwashing process at all steps. Moreover, you have complete programming of all the washing parameters at your disposal with this panel. Whether you want a longer wash time or an extra rinse cycle, this panel would do the trick in a second.

Pass through Dishwasher


L25EKS - Lamber Pass Through Dishwasher

Lamber pass through dishwasher fast enough that you are never short on clean items. In a big restaurant, where the dirty utensils are lining up at full tilt during rush hours, pass through dishwasher is a an efficient cleaning equipment. With its high capacity and low cycle time, it makes sure that you are never out of a clean set of plates, glasses and flatware.

Despite the low cycle time, it maintains safety standards and sanitary conditions. All in all, it is a must-buy dishwasher for any restaurant.

Conveyor Dishwasher


M115EK - Lamber Conveyor Dishwasher

When a big rush of customers come into your restaurant, creating a backup on cleaning, a pass through dishwasher can solve the problem in most cases, however, some restaurants still require a more heavy-duty dishwasher. Lamber has just the right solution in its inventory. A conveyor dishwasher! The two conveyor dishwashers have an hourly capacity of 70 and 140 baskets. This makes them truly a well worth investment if there is a high demand for dishes.

Pots and Pans dishwashers


P550EK - Lamber Pots and Pans Dishwasher

Despite having a dishwasher, when it comes to pots and pans one has to resort to hand washing. Halting the cooking operations. Lamber solves this problem by specially designed pans dishwasher for pots and pans. With adjusted cycle times and larger clearance sizes, they can accumulate and clean large pots and pans with extreme ease. On top of that, the cleaning process does not compromise on the quality or the safety standards. So have them now and get rid of all the worry.