New Colorful Dinnerware for 2019

For decades, white plates have adorned banquet halls and meeting rooms. The plain white textured dinner plates, accompanied by their contrasting and neutral look, have been adopted in almost all the restaurants around the world. However, the winds of change are at work. Successful restaurants around the world are opting for colorful plates to define a character for themselves.

Choosing the perfect colorful plate can be overwhelming with so many options, however, we have handpicked 2019 new dinnerware collections for you.



Algo - Villeroy & Boch

The Algo collection from Villeroy & Boch brings intricate-traditional weave patterns from Africa to porcelain. Prese...

A behind the scenes look at RAK Porcelain

Created in 2005, the RAK Porcelain company is part of the RAK Ceramics group, the world leader in the ceramic tiles industry. For the last 17 years the company has created exceptional tableware collections for over 20,000 hotels worldwide. They have expanded to include flatware, steak knives, buffetware and much more!

RAK Porcelain has proven you can still have sleek and stylish collections with the highest quality standards. We love the new collections for 2017, especially Metalfusion and Woodart. Even their traditional white porcelain pieces have some beautiful edges. For example the elegant Anna collection or the edgy Giro collection.

Each piece is made with 100 percent natural, guaranteed ...

RAK Porcelain: New fantastic, elegant dinnerware

RAK Porcelain has fantastic new products coming out this year! The one-of-a-kind collections has bursts of color and texture from the MetalFusion and Neofusion in Tonic and Mellow. The earth inspired Woodart and edgy contrast of the Aurea dinnerware lets any tabletop stand out.


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RAK Porcelain MetalFusion is a stunning display of texture and contrast of metal colors for an elegant dining experience.

  • Colors available in Gold, Silver and Bronze

  • Plates come in a variety of color styles and sizes

  • Square and Rectangle platters

  • Plate covers have an awe-inspiring shine in the collection colors



Woodart lets any tabletop have a warm, pleasant atmosphere for your culinary creations...

5 awesome ways to spice up your tabletop setting

Adding color and textures with your dinnerware place setting is a great way to liven up any tabletop setting. These five tabletop designers have beautiful collections to add that flare you may be looking for.

1. Degrenne - Modelo Nature


The Modelo Nature collection from Degrenne has a subtle line texture perfect for a casual and edgy dining experience. The collection comes in blue, taupe, red and beige that can be mix and matched for any table top. Use the red dinnerware to add a pop of color to liven up your tabletop.

2. Churchill - Stonecast


Churchill's Stonecast collection has a modern design with a classic ceramic look. The mustard seed yellow, spiced orange, berry red and cornflower blue...

The Mellow Fusion Collection from RAK Porcelain

The mellow fusion collection from @RakProcelain adds a splash of color and texture for any place setting! #brandswelove #brandswerep #newgenreps #rakmellowfusion

Studio Prints RAKU China by Churchill - Expressive and Exciting!

As the revival of studio pottery continues, Raku celebrates the heritage of traditional glazing techniques. Each piece is unique as the reactive print acquires its beautiful colour through random, spontaneous effects.



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