The Perfect Chafing Dish Transport Cart!

The Ibis Oblong Roll Top Stainless Steel Chafing Dish is made of solid 18-10 Stainless steel. If storage space is a problem for you, the Ibis Chafing Dish is a smart choice. The Ibis chafing dishes are stackable, so they require a fraction of the normal storage space when not in use.

Thanks to its unique design, the Ibis Chafing Dish is cost effective. This model includes 2 fuel cup holders. The lid opens to 90° and 180° for serving versatility and has an auto-braking system to prevent slamming. The lid will roll back to 90° and stop. To continue to 180° simply push the lid beyond the stop. This will help keep food warm more efficiently. The water control system will decrease labor by recycling the condensation from the lid to the water pan. In addition, the lid can be removed for easy cleaning. The handle keeps cool preventing burns. The chafer is repairable, making this a quality investment that will last for years to come. It has a capacity of 8.5 qt/8.0 ltr.

Electric Chafing Dish units are also available in these configurations.

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The Ibis Stacking Trolley for storing & transporting our Ibis chafer series.

The Ibis Stacking Trolley stores and transports up to 10 Ibis chafers, either round or oblong. Made of powder coated steel pipe with rubber matting. Includes the trolley ONLY. Chafers sold separately. There is a heavy duty cover that is also sold separately.

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Here is a quick video on demonstrating the Ibis Stacking Trolley!

Smart Buffet NRA 2016 IBIS Stacking Trolley

Item Number: 1A91101

Dimensions of this unit are: (L x W x H) - 38.5" x 27.25" x 60.75"

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