Introducing Zafferano: Elevating Elegance and Innovation in Lighting, Tabletop and Glassware

**Introducing Zafferano: Elevating Elegance and Innovation in Lighting, Tabletop and Glassware**

Excitement fills the air as New Generation Reps proudly welcomes Zafferano to its portfolio of exceptional manufacturers. A trailblazer in the world of design, Zafferano America introduces the awe-inspiring creations of Federico de Majo from Venice, Italy, to North America. With exclusive collections ranging from lighting to glassware, Zafferano brings innovation, elegance, and a touch of Italian artistry to the forefront.

**Elevate Your Ambiance**


Zafferano America, the exclusive North American distributor of Federico de Majo's award-winning designs, ushers in a new era of lighting and tableware. Available in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, Zafferano's collections cater to hospitality, designer trades, retail, and online enthusiasts. Each Zafferano creation blends functionality, decoration, and a sense of enjoyment, promising to transform any space into an experience.

**Crafting Elegance, One Piece at a Time**


Founder and designer Federico de Majo, rooted in the artisanal heritage of Venice, brings a lifetime of glass-blowing expertise to Zafferano. Having spent formative years in his family's Vetreria De Majo, Federico's designs exude the richness of his history and the innovation of his vision. From historical glass-blowing techniques to cutting-edge creations, each Zafferano piece encapsulates artistry and practicality.

**A Journey to Elegance**


At New Generation Reps, we're thrilled to present Zafferano's two new 2023 catalogs, unveiling their captivating lighting and tabletop products. As we embrace this new chapter, we invite you to explore the harmony of design, culture, and functionality. Join us in celebrating the infusion of Zafferano's Italian essence into your spaces.

**Unveiling the Future, One Design at a Time**,

Zafferano America 2023 Lighting Catalog

Zafferano America Tabletop Catalog 2023